Character Assassination

Pop Matters: Over doomily cascading Gary Numan-style synths, Marquis explores the extremely thin line between delight and despair. As for the video, its as if Nine Inch Nails had Philip K Dick direct a video using only the cover of Peter Gabriel’s Shock the Monkey as inspiration.

Air and Sea Battle: Its lyrics are dark and honestly introspective pieces of storytelling that are near perfectly reflected by the computerized beats and rythms. Not to mention that the beats will have music fans of all stripes bouncing around and secretly wishing they were at an out-of-control 80’s party with stockbrokers who will one day be indicted.

Litter to society

Condemned to Rock and Roll: What truly grabs me about (LTS) is how it is attached to a much larger concept, which has obviously been carefully crafted. Using massive production and a brilliant mixture of the earthy and glacial, Marquis takes on some fascinating existential and moral quandaries while telling a bildungroman for the postmodern paranoid.

EQ: An experimentation of musicality through funk, electro, soul and pop. Just completely über cool.

Popjustice: When you listen to all four EPs together you end up with a slightly too long, but almost totally brilliant proper album.

ESD music: Marquis unleashes his inner Shriekback — or is it Underneath the Radar-era Underworld? … It’s hard to argue with where Marquis finds his muse when the results are this entertaining.